Exploration X Nanoworld

In the realm of the nanoworld, at X-LAB we aim to explore in particularly the nanoscale electro-optical and morphological properties of materials, ranging from molecular and biological structures to electronic and energy applications, such as transistors and solar cells,.. using a variety of techniques (UV-Vis, wafer probe IV, EQE, PDS, FTPS, ToF-SIMS/SPM, eSPM, ...).

(e)SPM – Electrical Scanning Probe Microscopy (eSPM) allows us to perform combined local morphological/electrical characterization at the nanoscale and includes techniques such as Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM), which we have used for mobility measurements in single organic nanofiber transistors, the nanoscale electro-optical characterization of solar cells, the identification of the conducting nanofibers in Cable Bacteria (cover Advanced Biosystems),...

Advanced Biosystemsspm-transistor.jpg

The new AFM/eSPM infrastructure at X-LAB consists of a Bruker Multimode 8 AFM with Nanoscope 6 controller, integrated within a state-of-the-art, turnkey glove box system (MBraun), which allows to perform experiments under controlled atmosphere (e.g. nitrogen, argon), which is of importance since humidity and exposure to O2 can affect the properties of for instance organic and perovskite materials.

Publications X Funding

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    • This research was supported by the Research Foundation Flanders FWO with research project G089918N and by the UHasselt — Special Research Fund (BOF) with research project BOF23AF03.